HTML and CSS Web Technology

HTML language is simply a computer language, which is used to describe web pages, and consists of head and body.
Contained within the head of the webpage is information about what standard encoding characters on the site were used, what the language of the webpage is, what JavaScript, CSS files are used and also fonts, page names and descriptions. This information is not visible on the website but is important for sites to work properly.
The body section contains information of the visual side, that is, everything that we can see. It will include text, images, hyperlinks, edit fields, buttons, checkboxes etc.
The structure of website is based on “div”, which are use to deploy the individual elements of the page. Each of these divs has a unique unrepeatable name. The main div, usually is called the container, holds all the divs.

This allows for easy centering of the entire page. It makes certain that nothing escapes from side to side, and everything is consistent and centered. Each div on the page contains a function block for the site. The logo, Nav bar, main content, pictures, links, etc. are separate elements. However, the appearance of all divs being included in the CSS, is a very good division because we have to separate the content of the page from its appearance. This makes it easy to change the look of the site using CSS without disturbing its HTML contents.