Website Design

Moqups – a tool for creating wireframes and prototyping
When designing the website, a key element was to create a mock-up. To create a mock-up of a webpage a tool can be use called “Moqups”. It is an easy to use, free application that allows the user to create and share great mock ups using a browser. Another convenience of using it is an extension for Google Chrome, which is available in the Chrome App. This application allows the user to create the perfect pattern of main page and subpages. Setting the entire content of the page, along with the content and pictures greatly simplifies the work of the developer, who can then focus on the pure pleasure of writing code without thinking only about fonts, colours, or layout page.
Fonts, Icons and colours
The biggest problem with fonts on the Web is that they are not always available on all computers. It is not desirable to use only Verdana, Arial or Times New Roman to the infinity. When creating the website, “Google Web Fonts” service can  be use. It is a service introduced by Google, which aims to help developers implement fonts which are not found on every computer. Also, before the introduction of the original text to the page can be introduce, dummy content called “lorem ipsum” . It is a generator of text available on
The selecting of colors is carried out using a technical method and the use of color theory is use to build a color scheme.